Courses taught at EMH represent the content needed for all or most juniors in high school. Course material will be adequately covered for students preparing to take standard tests for college admission. Course credits will be transferred and assessed in the same way as students’ other courses. Click here to learn more about transferring credits.

Research shows that active learning increases retention. Students learn more when they are engaged in hands-on, real-life activities that require them to think critically and explore connections between what they are learning and real-world experience. EMH seeks to provide students with rigorous academic learning that is also holistic and integrative. We believe that education should not be separated into isolated categories but should involve the whole person: mind, body and soul.

Many parents are concerned that the trips will interrupt or hinder the learning that happens in the classroom. Our teachers plan class with the trips in mind. Students take much of their work with them on the trail, and in many cases the trips connect the coursework with the experience, allowing the students to deepen their knowledge and make real-life applications. Teachers often accompany students on the trail, allowing the opportunity for dynamic discussion.

We believe that students’ learning is enhanced and deepened by their experiences in the outdoors. Trips and academics are connected in purposeful, deliberate ways, creating learning opportunities that the traditional classroom alone cannot provide. Furthermore, we believe that our emphasis on discipleship and spiritual community helps students to grow and mature as children of God and servants of His Kingdom, building leaders prepared to take Christ’s message to the world. Go here for more information on specific curriculum and courses offered.

And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.
- Luke 2:52

“That which ought and can best be taught inside the classroom should there be taught, and that which can best be learned through experience dealing directly with native materials and real life situations outside the school should there be learned.”
- Julian Smith



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